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How I helped Chatta become a household name during the COVID pandemic.



Chatta is an educational approach that uses a structured conversation framework to help children develop language and literacy skills. The approach was developed by Chris Williams, a former teacher in the UK and uses an app to structure lessons in accordance with his approach to language development. 

The Chatta approach involves using a combination of spoken conversation, pictures, and digital tools to help children build their vocabulary, sentence structure, and comprehension skills. The approach is designed to be flexible and adaptable and can be used with children of all ages and abilities, including those with special educational needs.

The Chatta Learning approach has been adopted by many schools in the UK, Europe and America and has received praise for its effectiveness in helping children to develop language and literacy skills. 


The COVID-19 pandemic created significant challenges for Chatta Learning, as it did for many businesses and educational providers. One of the main challenges was the closure of schools and the shift to remote learning, which made it more difficult for Chatta to market and sell its products and services to schools and teachers.

Chatta had previously relied on in-person meetings or demonstrations in schools to display the effectiveness of their approach and model out the positive change it has in getting even the quietest children talking and interacting. 

During the COVID pandemic, many schools and teachers were understandably focused on the immediate challenge of delivering remote learning and were less interested in exploring new approaches to teaching and learning. This made it harder for Chatta to promote its products and services, particularly when schools were closed and the approach couldn’t be demonstrated in person. 

In addition, the economic impact of the pandemic meant that many schools and local authorities were facing significant budget pressures, which made it harder for them to invest in new educational resources and training. This created additional challenges for Chatta when it came to sales


To address these challenges, the Chatta team had to be creative and flexible in their approach to sales and marketing and pivot to a digital marketing approach. This time also allowed us to refine the brand message, develop new messaging that spoke directly to teachers’ current situations, and build a digital network.

Chatta hired me to act as their brand and marketing director, providing high-level strategies to help them reach and connect with their target market, lead on their repositioning and brand messaging work and oversee the team that created the marketing deliverables (which included being actively involved in creating and delivering communications online)

My approach with Chatta was to focus on developing new digital resources that could be used to support remote learning and continue to engage with potential customers through online channels. 

By streamlining their messaging and segmenting it into clear offerings, I built automated sales funnels that included search engine optimisation, email marketing, and digital advertising to create a highly targeted approach that directly answers problems teachers were having. 

Together with Chatta’s founder, we built online training events through webinars and a series of training videos around subjects teachers search for online, benefitting from both Google and YouTube traffic. 

We hosted an online event to discuss the Oracy APPG report with guests, including politicians, teachers and educational charity leaders.  


The results of my work with Chatta have made them a household name among education providers and have had a long-lasting positive impact on their digital marketing and business. 

The results include an increased number of visitors to Chatta’s websites by 217.51% compared to the same period previously and a drop in the bounce rate by 42.43%, meaning once people visit the website, they are visiting more pages on it. This looks like an increase in page views by tens of thousands and a page view increase of 204.61%.  

Organic search became the primary source of traffic to Chatta’s website, receiving top 10 results on many desired keywords and search terms. 

Content I created for Chatta received tens of thousands of visitors and remains the most popular content on their website. Interest in the Chatta approach increased by 3,196% and clicks through to their app page increased by 1,328%, showing the highly targeted approach brought not just more people to their website but people who are more interested in what they offered.

Through my time with Chatta, I decreased the cost per click of their ads, increased the subscribers to their email list and built multiple automated customer journeys that kept people engaged while hearing about the benefits Chatta’s approach and software provides. 

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