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Connecting those who do good with those who care.

I have been involved in creating compelling content and digital campaigns throughout my career for charities, social enterprises and media organisations. I have been instrumental in campaigns that have raised millions, grown movements, and changed governmental policy. 

As an early adopter of digital, my career has developed as digital platforms evolved. I keep current and leverage the opportunities they bring to drive engagement and action.

I am at my best-helping client's navigate the potential that effective communication and digital tools bring them. There is a lot of bad advice online, and I excel at a no-nonsense, strategic and blue-water thinking approach that cuts through the vanity metrics to get to the heart of what matters. This approach helps social enterprises and charities who want to make a difference in the world make the most of the platforms available.

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The importance of storytelling

I come from a culture rich in stories, which inspired me to study extensively how the stories we create and share can impact others and inspire action.

In 2008 I was given the opportunity to visit Ethiopia and work with the Ethiopian government. This experience made a significant impact on my work and career since. We discussed the effect storytelling had on the national identity of Ethiopia, where stories have been told about their people and where the people have been able to tell stories for themselves. 

The impact of this conversation and the Ethiopian people’s desire to tell stories that showed the full picture of what Ethiopia has to offer further fuelled my fascination with storytelling and how the stories we share can impact others, for both good and bad, and inspire action.

This passion for ethical and compelling storytelling, combined with a keen insight into digital tools and platforms, drives me daily to work with my clients to share effective content and reach the audiences most likely to engage.

A digital and content approach

As a digital native, I’ve been building websites since the nineties. I am often one of the first to try out new digital tools and technology, including social media platforms, content production tools and analytic platforms. 

I’ve combined my love of storytelling with my gifting in digital communications to help organisations reach new and existing audiences, inspire action, donate or make purchases and lead change. 

I’ve been honoured to use my digital and content skills with organisations such as Aegis Trust to end genocide, with Leonard Cheshire and RNID to stand up for disability rights and inclusion and with international development organisations to improve lives.

Using a digital and content approach to charity and business campaigns, I’ve built considerable brand awareness, raising website traffic by tens of thousands. I’ve produced content reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers that remain popular for years; I’ve had work picked up by major broadcasters and raised millions in increased revenue from sales and donations.

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Blue water thinking

I have a proven track record in spotting emerging trends and helping clients to maximise reach and engagement. As a neurodiverse person, I excel at seeing opportunities that others don’t.


Digital native

I stay ahead of the curve with digital platforms and tools so my clients don’t have to. With so much change consistently, it can be hard to know what to look for. I make it easy for you.


Agile project management

I’m adept at agile project management, a flexible and adaptive approach to managing projects that prioritises collaboration, continuous improvement, and quick response to change.


Activist and advocate

As an activist and advocate myself, I have first-hand experience in leading positive change and how to bring people on a journey with you.

Claas Kaeseler - Head of Online Marketing - ERF

As Head of Online Marketing I have to find ways to present our content well in both web and social media.

I was part of a lecture by Joel Buckland and found his insight very helpful. He supplied me with some great tools and generally very helpful guidelines to make my social media content more engaging.

Since using his story-oriented approach on our company website both visibility and interactions have gone up.

Claas KaeselerHead of Online Marketing - ERF
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