30 interesting ways QR codes are being used

It’s no secret we live in a world hungry for information and for access to that information fast and on the move. QR codes do just that. By scanning a code using a mobile device such as your phone you can be almost instantly directed to a webpage, video, or be provided with information.

For more information on QR codes please visit my blog what are QR codes? The ways these codes are being used is ever growing. From magazines to food, it seems slowly everything is being labeled and shared. Below I’ve listed examples of ways QR codes have already been used. If you can think of more uses for QR codes please let me know in the comment area
The most obvious use for QR codes these days is of course marketing. Companies around the world have taken on this concept and found interesting ways to get people to interact with their product. As I mentioned in a previous blog the film 28 weeks later used a QR code on a billboard that took people to a promotional site selling the film on DVD.

Disney have also taken on this idea, mixing famous characters faces with codes

It’s not just companies that are using QR codes to get people to interact with their brand. Many people are doing it also. Either to get work or just for fun. One example of this is QR codes being used on people’s bodies. Some drawn, some tattooed and some transfers (If you wish to do this yourself I suggest a transfer rather than any permanent ink. For my american readers I found this site that sell the transfers on my travels around the web http://www.barcodefontsoftware.com/tattoo/ )

If codes on your body is going too far how about going geek chic instead. Clothing such as scarf’s, t-shirts, belts, earrings, rings, even cufflinks are all coming with QR codes these days. It wouldn’t surprise me if more items of clothing followed suit. This is a great way for companies to make clothing that link to their online brand, but personally I’d rather have a custom design done so the code link with my social networking

QR codes have made it’s way into the street art culture, using codes as graffitti much like a tag but with an interactive element.

If your looking for a more legal based style of art how about a QR code sandcastle ?

QR codes are also a great way to create games in your area. Hiding codes around town and cities for people to find. Perhaps offering clues to the next location or a task that needs completing. This picture is actually promoting a film but I think it makes the point.

News papers and Magazines are using QR codes to give you more information and interaction with articles.

You may well have come across business cards with codes already on them

Events are using QR codes as tickets, saving on printing and being environmentally friendly.

Food is coming with these codes to give you information about what is in the product or how it was made

How about using them as loyalty vouchers, next time you buy a product you get a discount when you show the previous products code.

Using codes to link to reviews of cafe’s and restaurant gives new diners a chance to quickly decide if this is the place for them

Codes on sales signs outside of a house could give passers by direct information about the house and the contact details to the agency selling it. Instantly knowing how many bedrooms or bathrooms it has and if it’s within your price range.

or on the building itself

Ok so this last one I’m not sure if it counts as a QR code but the idea is similar and I believe in time this is the way things will go. Royal mail and released intelligent stamps, when scanned with a mobile device it’ll take you to a video about the stamps subject.

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