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Telling Stories Through Digital Media

About Me

Videographer, Photographer & Digital Storyteller.

As a freelance videographer, photographer and digital storyteller with over ten years experience I’ve had the pleasure of working on a large variety of projects from feature films, documentaries, reportage and event photography and producing content for online distribution.

My clients have consisted of big and small brands in the digital, broadcast, print and corporate industries both here in the UK and internationally. My works allowed me to visit places such as Ethiopia, Ghana, China, Portugal and The Sahara Desert as well as regularly working up and down the United Kingdom.

Creating work that engages its audience and communicates a message is very important to me, no matter who the client is. This is why in 2010 I decided to do a Masters Degree studying Transmedia Storytelling. My degree took into account video production, photography, interactive media and online media as well as aspects of psychology, history and anthropology.

Why Stories Matter.

Throughout my career and studies I’ve always been fascinated by stories and the influence they have on the people experiencing them. Though I was involved in telling stories for most of my life, it wasn’t until I visited Ghana when the real impact stories could have on people really struck me.

Stories have been proven to have an affect on the brain unlike other forms of communication, they are easier for listeners to remember and speak to both the literate and non-literate communities in the world meaning anyone can enjoy them.

My interest in storytelling, digital communication and the impact they have, led me to study the work of Anthropologist and Psychologist Joseph Campbell, as well as social scientists Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler and the work of future forecaster and game designer Jane Mcgonigal. Their work amongst others has provided me with a unique insight into how to get a message across in a way people will enjoy, understand and engage with.

I’ve worked with…


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